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Mr Naek noted that the PML-N had not objected to a similar protection given to post-Oct 4, 2007 actions of the government or a regulator of trade organisations while unanimously passing another government bill shortly before to provide for the registration and regulation of trade organisations in place of a 2007 ordinance and said he wondered why an objection was raised to the second bill.

Mr Ghafoor dismissed criticism of Mr Gilani for continuing to act prime minister after his conviction for contempt of court for refusing to write to Swiss authorities to reopen disputed money-laundering charges against President Asif Ali Zardari dating to 1990s on ground of a presidential immunity, noting that the seven-member bench that tried him had not removed him from office and only referred the question of sending a reference to the Election Commission to the National Assembly speaker.

He added that given the pressure on locals of fasting during Ramadan, this was "great news for all".

Pakistan shares a 2,200-kilometer- (1,375 mile-) long porous border with Afghanistan.

It is a nicely built complex situated on a couple of thousand acres of land.