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the florals and a bit of spice drop in to give this scent more depth and a slightly floral aura.

The cardamom is really rendered well here juxtaposed with the grapefruit and the orange blossom just keeps that rich tobacco pumping.

BTW, I have only tried the edt and hear the parfum gives you a half hour or whole hour better longevity. I'm not bragging about this fragrance it is truly remarkable. Scent: 9/10 Very charming, pleasing, inviting, kind of masculine scent. Longevity: 7/10 I get 4h on my skin, and 6h on my clothes. Sillage: 6/10 It's not "in your face" type of fragrance. That's usually not a bad thing for a charming fragrance like this one.

For the Money on discount sites, 5 out of 5 from me ! It's meant to be a cuddling scent, so take it easy.

Final Review: 8/10 It lacks performance, the EDP is definitely better than this one in terms of longevity. Even on clothes it mainly stays for few hours while some people have a better luck with this than me.