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How many times would your organization have to step on the rake before it decided to fix the problem? Was it ever actually captured in a lessons learned database?

And yet, in spite of any efforts for continuous improvement, the error occurred once again.

These tips and tools have been cultivated from a number of projects and organizations and represent solid “best practices” used to manage projects.

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Some of these items aid the project manager, but many do not offer the practical tools and aids that project managers need.

What are the “real” techniques and procedures performed by those who lead project teams and deliver results on a consistent basis?

How do real-life project managers perform these activities successfully?

This paper will describe some tools (thirteen to be exact) that are designed to facilitate dealing with some of the challenges facing project teams and provides a context for their use.

Ask Mary what the top five risks were on her project.” The problem with the “Hey, Mary” database is that often Mary is not available, no longer with the organization, or worse yet, Mary was a consultant and she’s now using that information for the betterment of another organization.