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Thankfully the thaw has now set in as we're off to Chatsworth again soon - keep your eye out for us!Karen was determined that Ken's 60th birthday treat wasn't going to be put off by the weather, and here's the proof (can you see Ken's '60 today' badge? The weather report was very grim and the longer picnic trek was abandoned in favour of the shorter Chatsworth 'A' one but in true Peak Llamas fashion, the rain stopped and the wind died down.We were out last Saturday though with birthday girl Anya, actually on her birthday, and she'd specifically requested a llama trek - what a great thing to want for your 9th birthday!

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It's been ages since we updated the blog but our excuse is that everyone says we're the busiest people they know.

We seem to be living proof that the more you do, the more you seem to be able to fit in!

Tonto - his name might be changed yet to stay in keeping with our jazz musician theme!

- has dropped pasterns, commonly called ski feet, so he won't be out trekking.

) and friend Maisie, who all did a great job in leading Django and Jellyroll around Chatsworth.