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"I know all about your cross-dressing and prancing around the apartment when I'm at work! After that I put on a garter belt and slipped on some dark coloured RHT stockings. I stood in front of the mirror and admired my appearance. I rubbed my crotch through the slippery material and a tiny wet spot was already forming. My crossdressing began while I was still very young.

From underneath some carefully folded clothes, I pulled out my secret stash. The padded cups were stiff so they would not collapse even if I wore a tight top. The tightness held my package inside while giving my bum a nice girly shape. " Next I went into her closet and slipped on her red pumps with four-inch stiletto heels.

They are actually grannie cams." "How long has she been watching me? While I caressed my fake breasts, I started fucking myself slowly but soon increased my rhythm until I was slamming my ass against the wall. Gobs of hot, white jism slashed over my eyes, nose and even into my open mouth. Cheryl pulled it tight; as tight as she could and continued down to the small of my back before tying a double knotted bow which dangled between my ass crack.

I kept jerking even though I had no more cream to ejaculate.

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