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The first week of 2018 was a doozy in the world of weed, and this week was no different with plenty of breaking marijuana news.Here are five marijuana news nuggets that caught our attention. Jeff Session cage match Okay, it wasn’t a battle royale in the WWE sense, but the Colorado senator did stand his ground against every marijuana fan’s favorite Attorney General when they met Wednesday morning. The Cole Memo — which helped the legal cannabis industry flourish — still resides in the policy trashcan, and Sen.

%related-post-1% East Coast legalization efforts speeding ahead West Coast states may have gotten the jump on the rest of the U. when it comes to marijuana legalization, but a handful of East Coast states are sprinting to catch up.

This week the Vermont Senate gave the final thumbs-up to a bill that will allow adults 21 and older the ability to possess up to an ounce of marijuana and two mature plants at their residence for recreational purposes. Phil Scott has said he’ll sign the bill into law soon.

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The bad news is that Sessions apparently held firm too. Gardner, like many other elected officials, continues his protest.