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As a result, Europeans have often called North Africa the Barbary States or simply Barbary.

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Sahara, the territory whose native peoples were subjects of Carthage, and also as a name for the whole continent.

The Romans applied the name Africa (of Phoenician origin) to their first province in the northern part of Tunisia, as well as to the entire area north of the Sahara and also to the entire continent.

Or three, he wants to see what else is out there and if he can't find anything better, he'll have you as a backup. Source: Shutter Stock He's not dumping you just because he needs to focus on school (or work or whatever).

He's dumping you because he doesn't care about you enough to make you a priority anymore.

Remember: someone isn’t going to dump you if what they really want is to be with you. "You deserve better" or "you're too good for me" are the same thing - and they're both insanely lame.