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These are often complemented with “dog sauce”, a very popular Caribbean dressing.

Sweet foods include: sorbets, pies called “love grief” from Les Saintes, cassava cakes , blancmange, coconut candy, “doucelette” candy or yet “chodo” custard.

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In fact, many Guadeloupean artists have contributed to its international fame.

As for our built heritage, its peculiar blend of tradition and modernity makes it just as appealing.

Each year at the beginning of August, our Creole cuisine is specifically honoured during the Festival of the Cooks held in honour of Saint-Laurent, their patron saint.

Dressed in their best attire, which includes madras scarves and traditional jewels, the cooks go to the Saint Peter and Saint Paul church of Pointe-à-Pitre in order to attend traditional mass and have their baskets full of various dishes and utensils, blessed.

Only nine remain to this day: six on continental Guadeloupe and three in Marie-Galante.