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We really enjoyed camping, rappelling, rock climbing and doing many activities together, even if it was in the hot summer or the dead cold of winter.Looking at these pictures I am taken back to the day, this was close to our favorite snake pit, and old abandoned gold mine with 1000s of diamond back rattlers.First thing I notice when I stepped in was how cool the water was, it felt like 60 degrees, never the less it felt wonderful, I could feel the goose bumps on my skin.

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On a campsite at the Belgian coast, the delegate of the Ministry of culture Jan Bucquoy must bring culture nearer to the working class.

But the residents of this caravan park prefer to look at soccer, a boxing-match or a beauty-contest.

Not sure how long we held each other, but as we regained our strength we both slowly slipped back into the cool refreshing creek enjoying the after feel of our orgasms and bathed each other again, and this time as I was trying to get out of the water she grabbed me and slowly began kissing down my chest until she reached my limp cock and she began to give me a slow sensual but deep slow blowjob, you know the type that drains your soul from its very core.

Who was I to say any different and I placed my hand behind her head and enjoyed the feeling of my cock beginning to grow again.

With each thrust I could hear her moan louder, she grabbed at me wanting me to go harder and faster.